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Tibet Travel Permit 2016

Latest Update on Tibet Travel Permit 2016

MAY 2016 update on 19th May 2016

The update is received from CIPSC that Tibet travel permits 2016 will not be issued for the Foreign nationals other than Indian nationals 18-23 JUNE 2016 . If you have booking with us please contact us or our tour expert will contact you for the next date.

Information is updated on



08th May 17th & May 2016 Essentials and Important Contact

1. Kathmandu :- Malla hotel

Lainchour near scout building Kathmandu

Phone no :- 977-01-4410320

2. Important contact at Nepal is Ms.Babita Shrestha 009779851054995

3. Accompanying Guide : Govind

Please ask the Guest to ensure baggage less than 15 kg.

  • Essentials to be carried along
  • Small back pack for 3 days Kailash Parikrama
  • Enough warm clothing for Kailash Yatra / tour
  • Basic medicines (minor injuries or life saving kits)
  • Regular medicines that you have been prescribe
  • Toiletries kit (Shop, Shampoo, Toothpaste brush)
  • Water bottle / Thermos flask, hot water (2 litters)
  • Sport shoes good for walk, gloves, torch light
  • Woolen socks (minimum 4 pairs), Sunglasses
  • Thermo cot undergarment, sun lotion, cold cream
  • (Shirt,pants which is easier to be while do Kora)
  • Rain coat or Umbrella, walking stick for 3 days
  • Sweets, Zinger/garlic candies, dry fruits and etc

Press Release

For The Share of Information's for all the Kailash Mansarovar subscribers, Associates in Business

Dear All,
NTP had distinctions for its operations for over 30 years in India, Nepal and Tibet to credit NTP subscriber's patron's associates long partnering with NTP and none else.

NTP's assuring operations have been established even in the year 2015 for its iconic character it had no visa permit hassles with fair practices while announcing Kailash Mansarovar subscriptions to match with the Best and assuring operations for those could afford route and cost but it remained at operation and honest attributions accorded refunds those refused travelling but organized Kailash Mansarovar Yatra in 2015 for great Samaritans to Shiva Abode.

We are open to share NTP credible archives present and future Kailash Mansarovar Information's, everyone is welcome to call/mail for their concerns with NTP India or NTP Nepal or its Tibet counterparts to get authentic share and response.

NTP has 24 x 7 Booking & Operational Tracking Systems

Factual 2016 Shares
NTP team had advance tracking of contemporary Rout Dhulikhel Via Friendship Bridge Zhangmu /Kodari borders to ascertain it's preparedness and found it has hope since only this route had and have organized posts permit visa clearances and years of pilgrimage organized only through this very Rout *China government is hopeing for its operations* May check with embassy of China and Tibet Tourist Bureau to assure your concerns. Government of China has not announced using any other border for Surface Travel, The Kyirong border most talked about Rout is contemplated only not ascertained yet therefore - NTP Cost are Subjective not Speculative for Definitive Operations Why!

# *Differential Cost* should the border Kyirong used then travel route and transport cost from Kathmandu Nepal revise not otherwise

# Stays for one or two nights while going / returning is Add on cost shall imply then only.
# New Rout contemplated passes through conserved forests of Nepal, where Addon cost for area permit imply

Authentic Shares –
While sharing the information NTP selling and operational intents are in the larger interest that somehow our pilgrims get to Kailash Mansarovar as we did in the most crucial year 2015 with great success most secured best escorted by your NTP

NTP therefore has planned for group operations through normal route mode and alternatively through new rout mode and implying cost for *Assuring Operations

FIRM & FINAL NTP COSTS & OPERATIONS - * No Revision Unless Required

For all NTP subscribers , associate travel agents in India and world over that they need to pay only devised costs at definitive calculation SHALL BE AS FOLLOWS

Overland Route 13 days INR110, 000/ USD2200
Add-on Costs of USD $200- $350
is Subjective (Not object for speculation for booking)

Special Announcements
NTP has Assuring No Deduction No Cancellation 100% Refunds *Should the Add on implying cost and rout not not found to affordability to our subscribers.

Our Fix & Final Rates shall remain unchanged that's -
1. Surface travel @ for FIT subscription INR110, 000/USD2200
For group subscription @ INR103000 /USD2100
2. Helicopter Travel @ for FIT subscription –INR171000/3500
For group subscription @ INR161000/USD3300

NTP offices in Nepal and India have very special Muktinath offerings for our Kailash subscribers and those traveling with NTP will find their pilgrimage assured and overwhelming
Circulated by

NTP Tourism Affairs Limited
For Kailash Mansarovar Yatra - 2016 Management & Operations

Nepal Tourism Package (Inbound Travel Unit for Nepal)
Congratulations : Nepal Secular Constitution announced on 20 Sep 2015 by the President Ram Baran Yadav .
NTP Management and Team Congratulate Nepal Common Public for Formally Announcing the Constitution of Nepal.Hereafter Nepal Shall be Governed under the Constitution of Nepal . It came into final augmentation from 20 Sep 2015 .The New Constitution is replaced by Interim Constitution of Nepal 2007 .

The Constitution is created by the Second Constituent Assembly after considering all the grey areas that made it previous unsuccessful .

A new constitution was supposed to be carried out in August 2015 but had been subject to teh inherent criticism which failed to protect Nepal Federal states and Fundamental rights and even old treaties and international commitments were violated . Finally after all the amendments and modifications the New Constitution was declared by President Ram Baran Yadav on 20 September 2015

The New Republic will be declared as Federal Country considering the diversity of Nepal since its community speaks more than 100 languages and there exist high and low caste with Nepali speaking verses several indigenous languages. The New Constitution document is a step forward with the provisional boundaries of seven states but their names are yet to be announced and shall be decided in future assembly sessions . The Local people are thinking these new boundaries might not create another ethnically delineated split
The Himalayan Times (1st June 2015)
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The Himalayan Times (5th June 2015)
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The Himalayan Times (7th and 8th June 2015)
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