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Kailash Mansarovar Yatra By Overland

INR 1,35,000 / USD 2,200
INR 1,35,000 / USD 2,200
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  • Responsible Travel
  • At “Kailash Yatra – NTP “we have always believed in three simple guiding principles for the way in which we want to travel.
  • We realise that every destination is someone else’s home.
  • We should leave places as we would like to find them.
  • We should ensure that communities benefit from our visit.

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12 Nights / 13 Days
Availability : May to September
Max People : 200
Tour Details

Departure & Return Location


Nepal Tourism Package (NTP Tourism Affairs Ltd.) has prepared schedule for Kailash Mansarovar Yatra 2020. For last 32 years, we are conducting packages for our esteemed clients. Every year thousands of tourists take this rigorous journey of Kailash Yatra. Since its inception, we prepare package tours for our clients with proper equipment of food. The tour to the holy land of Mt. Kailash happens once in our lifetime, so we take proper care of our clients with all possible resources. This sacred land is equally pious to the people of different religion. It is believed that the pilgrims take reincarnation after taking completing parikrama around Mt. Kailash and dipping in the holy water of Lake Mansarovar. The devotees take this journey to seek the blessing of Shiva. We aim in providing the hassle free journey for our clients. In Hindu mythology, it is believed that one attains nirvana (liberation) after taking the Kailash Yatra.

In the Tibetan language, the word Kailash defines as “mountain of god”. Every year thousands of pilgrims take this spiritual journey to catch the glimpse of enigmatic Mt. Kailash. It is located in the westernmost part of the Tibetan plateau. As it is remotely located, therefore, the pilgrims face adverse situations while making Kailash Yatra. We, Nepal Tourism Package aim in providing the best service facility to our esteemed customers. Our Kailash Yatra is designed to make these tourists avail the best spiritual tour. The devotees across religions believe Mt. Kailash as the auspicious location. This journey brings a complete change in the life of mortal beings. It is believed that many take this Kailash Mansarovar Yatra as the mean of liberation.

It is located at a height of 6174 meters. As per Hindu mythology, Mt. Kailash is the abode of Lord Shiva. So the pilgrims make circumambulation around the mountains covering an area of approx 53kms to attain salvation ie. Moksha. Mt. Kailash is the source point of four important rivers – Brahmaputra, Indus, Ganges, and Sutlej. There are times when the pilgrims are unable to complete circumambulation around the mountains. Sometimes, the pilgrims rotate only the Yam Dwar (starting point of the Kora) and come back.

Another major point of attraction is Mansarovar Lake. Many mythological stories evolve around this lake. The devotees across religions believe this lake as the source of ultimate power. The pilgrims take dip in the holy water of Mansarovar to attain salvation in life. The etymological meaning of Manasarovar is lake of consciousness (manas- consciousness or mind and Sarovar- Lake). This holy dip purifies the soul and body of the devotee. So the devotees believe that this journey is actually is a road map to heaven by purifying the souls. The devotees undertake this spiritual Kailash journey rigorously just to attain the roadway to heaven through the gateway of Lord Shiva. This lifetime journey completely changes the life of the devotees.

2020 Schedule

2020 Fixed Dates – Kathmandu Arrival Dates for Overland


May 17
May 26 – FM
May 30 – FM

Jun 01 – FM
Jun 14
Jun 25 – FM
Jun 29 – FM

Jul 01
Jul 12
Jul 22 – FM
Jul 28 – FM

Aug 09
Aug 16
Aug 24 – FM
Aug 27 – FM


Note: Above date is Kathmandu Arrival date and Full Moon (FM) will be at Lake Mansarovar


Departure Time

Same Day

Itinerary Overview

Basic preparation before going to Kailash Mansarovar Yatra

Kailash Mansarovar Yatra is a lifetime accomplishment for the devotee. Those who want to attain liberation or nirvana in their life take refuge to the heavenly abode of Lord Shiva. Thousands of devotees advance to the world of spirituality to seek inner peace. It is said that the devotees attain mental peace taking a break from the scheduled life.

The pilgrims devote their life to undertake such arduous journey to seek blessings. The pilgrims take the refuge to the beautiful hills of Kailash for acquiring the inner happiness. For Kailash Mansarovar Yatra, you have to go through certain altitude. For the advanced level of preparation one has to go through mental as well as physical hardships. Without enduring such penury, it would be difficult for the devotees to complete the circumambulation around the Kailash.

Basic preparatory strategies

  • Every day schedule your exercise at least for 20 minutes to avoid any kind of physical strain during the journey. The exercise includes walking, running, swimming, or cycling etc.
  • With regular exercise, start training with basic equipment of trekking like weights, backpack. This kind of strenuous training is required for the overall management of strength. You should have strong back and shoulders to carry out such tireless journey across the mountains.
  • Firstly you have to understand there is a difference in the path. Trekking along the mountainous terrain is quite difficult. So while walking or running on the treadmill it is better to walk or run on an inclined plane.
  • At least 7-8 months prior to the journey, start preparing yourself.
  • Get your cholesterol, blood pressure, sugar level check on a regular basis.
  • If you have asthma, then you must take special care.


Kailash Mansarovar Yatra is a strenuous pilgrimage that requires a proper balance between mind and soul. You have to undertake the journey under adverse climatic conditions. Therefore, you have to think about the extremities and make yourself prepared to go close to Mother Nature.

Things to carry for Kailash Mansarovar Yatra

Essential Items

Photocopy of the first and last pages of Passport (at least 3 sets)
Passport sized photos
Nepal Visa form (for NRIs only)
Medical certificate
Instruction sheet
Cash (INR/USD/Nepalese rupees/CNY)
Credit or Debit cards
Ruck sack with rain cover (not more than 20kg along with name tag)
Back pack or duffel bag with rain cover
Money pouch

Kind of clothing

Thermal (inner)
Track suit
Shirts (cotton and woolen)
Woolen and cotton socks
Trekking shoes with proper grip
Flip flop or sandal
Bed sheet
Sweater (high neck)
Wind cheater (water proof)
Night wears
Swim suit for holy dip at Mansarovar

Toiletry Items

Sunscreen cream (SPF +30)
Tooth paste and brush
Shampoo and soap
Tissue paper and toilet paper
Hand mirror
Hair brush
Lip balm
Wet wipes
Body wipes

Other items

Camera (with spare batteries)
Torch light with spare batteries
Note book and pen
Water sipper
Dry foods
Sun glass
Rain coat
Thermos flask
Swiss knife
Shaving kit
Lock and key
Sleeping bag
Sewing kit
Air pillow

First Aid kit

Pain killer
Eye drops for burning eyes
Multi vitamin capsules
Water purifying tablets
Muscle relaxant
Dust mask
Cotton ear plugs

Best time to go for Kailash Mansarovar Yatra

Due to the extreme climatic conditions, it is favorable not to travel during the winters and the monsoons. As the pilgrims will do the parikrama across the lake and the mountains, then time should be selected a way when the Indo Tibet pathways are not blocked. From mid of May till October, the tourists find out the best climatic conditions to trek across the mountainous terrains. As it is a lifetime opportunity to travel in such an exquisite landscape location, then one should decide the perfect time of traveling. The astounding scenic beauty of the topography will make you fall in love with space.

Kailash Mansarovar Yatra can be conducted either by roadway or by air. On air, the pilgrims will take comparatively less time than that by road. Apart from this, the pilgrims prefer to take the journey during the ordained period of full moon. The silvery beam of moonlight will make Mt. Kailash more beautiful to witness.

Process, Term & condition

Necessary to send colour Scan copy of Passport of pilgrimage with name list 30 days before departure for permit processing. We need 6 Month valid ordinary Passport but Diplomat passport is not acceptable.

Should send Indian pilgrimage’s original Passport with 4 passport size photographs to our Delhi office before 5 days from the departure date for China visa stamping. NRI/Other Citizen’s Passport will collected after arrival in Kathmandu.

If suddenly program has changed Due to weather problem, natural disaster, landslide, technical problem and political movement, all additional expenses should be paid by themselves )

General Information regarding Kailash Mansarovar Tour.

Insurance: Medical Insurance not compulsory for visa processing but will use full if you do insurance in case any health problem arises during travel.

Oxygen cylinder: Our Company will provide oxygen cylinder in emergency. Usually, oxygen cylinder is not required. However, some pilgrimage we prefer to carry their own handy oxygen cylinders. You may buy small portable cylinder in Tibet. It may cost approx. Yuan 20-30 per cylinder.

Food during Tour: Our cooks will be traveling with you during the entire trip. Our Staff will carry all necessary cooking items and will provide Indian vegetarian food during Yatra.

We recommend that you bring the flowing items to make your journey more comfortable:


1: Wind Proof Jackets / Towel / Washing Kit – 1/1

2: Warm Thick Pullover,Rain Coat-1 – 1

3: Pants-4/ Monkey Cap and Sun Heat.

4: Cotton Full Sleev T-shirt – 4

5: Thermal Underpants/Long/Vest /Warm Full T-Shirt – 2

6: Trekking Shoes & Rubber Sandal 1/1

7: Warm Woolen Shocks – 5

8: Warm Gloves – Water Bottle (1Ltr. Capacity)-1

9: Sun Glass/Sun Hat, Flash Light with Extra Batteries

10: Strong Sun Cream/Chap stick /Moisturizer Cream

11: Pocket Knife/Sewing Kit/Button/Cigarette Lighter/DustMasks

Other Information:

China Government Notice!!!- Don’t take any picture, tape record, newspapers, political things or anything related to Dalai Lama , If found in Tibet, on the spot China Army will control and take legal action.

1. All pilgrimage can carry dry foods in the journey.

2. All pilgrimage can buy Chinese SIM card at Nyalam/Kyirong /Taklakot which provides incoming service only (not out going Call service) but internet is available.

Carry regular medicine Diamox 250 mg. 20 tablets and Personal First Aid Kit.

Money exchange: Indian Rupees are not accepted in Tibet but is acceptable in Nepal. We will exchange the amount to Yuan for you upon your arrival.

Temperature -Average (May to August): 4-20 ºC Day Time / -1-10ºC Night Time

Tour Itinerary

Day 01Arrival at Kathmandu

Meal:- L/D
Altitude:- 1400 m
Distance:- around the city
Mode of Transport:- private car

You will reach the capital city of Nepal as per the scheduled date. Our driver will receive you at the airport and drop you to the hotel. After taking rest, you can stroll around the city. If you are shopaholic then you can buy memoirs for your near ones as well. Stay overnight at the 3 star hotel on triple or double sharing basis.

Day 02Kathmandu sightseeing

Meal:- Breakfast, lunch and dinner
Altitude:- 1400m
Distance:- Kathamandu – Pashupatinath – Budhanilkanth: 15km (2 hours)
Mode of Transport:- bus coach

After taking breakfast, you will be visiting to the Pashupatinath temple and Budhanilkantha temple. Both these places regard as the holy site of Hinduism. The shrine of Pashupatinath is devoted to the Lord shiva. It was built during 5th century. The Malla kings renovated the architecture of the temple in the later days for the shaivaits. This temple is located on the shore of river Bagmati. If you are a dedicated lover of art, then you will surely love the architectural structure of the temple.

Budhanilkantha: it is also another religious Hindu site devoted to Lord Vishnu. Mostly, the tourists will find a mesmerizing stone statue of Lord Vishnu lying on the bed of snake called Shesha nag. The temple is located at Shivpuri. In Nepal, this statue is considered to be the largest one. During Licchavi period this statue was built for the followers of Lord Vishnu. Mostly, the pilgrims take this tour for fulfilling the wish.

Optional: apart from this, you can indulge yourself in taking an early morning flight to catch the glimpse of the highest mountain peak of the world – Mt. Everest. The flight departs at 6.30am therefore; the tourists have to be ready within 5.30 am to get an airport pick up.

Day 03Drive to Dhunche or Shyabrubesi from Kathmandu

Meal:- Breakfast, lunch and dinner
Altitude:- Kathmandu – 1400m
Dhunche/Shyabrubesi – 2030m
Distance:- 152 km( 7 hours)
Mode of Transport:- bus coach

After taking breakfast, you will be driving to Dhunche or shyabru besi, small town located near the Rasuwagadhi border near Nepal. You will get hectic traffic while driving to Dhunche due to bad conditions of the road. After arriving Dhunche, you will be checking into the guesthouse for the stay. As you will be driving for 7 hours, relax yourself for the rest of the day.

Day 04Drive to Rasuwagadhi – Kerung

Meal:- B/L/D
Altitude:- Kerung – 2600m
Distance:- 175 km (9kms)
Mode of Transport:- bus coach

Today, you will be driving towards Rasuwagadi, the town located near Nepal border. Here you will be completing your immigration formalities before proceeding further. Our local representatives will be there to help you in carrying out the formalities. Later you will be entering the land of Tibet. From here you will board Tibetan vehicles. You will get proper guidance from the Tibetan guides as well as Nepalese Sherpas. These buses will take you to Kerung. You will stay overnight there.

Day 05Acclimatization at Kerung

Meal:- B/L/D
Altitude:- 2600m
Distance:- around the city
Mode of Transport:- by foot

Kailash Mansarovar Yatra is one of the most strenuous treks. One has to be physically and mentally strong enough to complete the yatra. The acclimatization day is present in every tour package for making the tourists well adopted with the adverse climatic conditions. So you can go for short trek around the place to make your body and soul completely well adopted with the rugged mountainous landscape. You will stay overnight in the guest house at Kerung.

Day 06Kerung to New Dongba via Saga

Meal:- B/L/D
Altitude:- Kerung- 2600m
New Dongba – 4500m
Distance:- 300kms (7-8 hours drive)
Mode of Transport:- bus coach

After taking breakfast, you will start your drive towards New Dongba. One will be completely mesmerized with the scenic beauty of the landscape. On the drive way, you will get to look at the beautiful rugged mountainous territory, greenery of plains and the incredible view of the mighty Brahmaputra. You will complete your lunch in Saga. It is a small town located in the autonomous region of Tibet. The meaning of the word Saga is happy land. The border area is under tight security. After the lunch, you will be driving to New Dongba. You will stay overnight here.

Day 07Dongba/New Dongba to Lake Mansarovar

Meal:- Breakfast, lunch and dinner
Altitude:- New Dongba – 4500m
Lake Mansarovar – 4590m
Distance:- 385km
Mode of Transport:- bus coach

Today is the first day to get a glimpse of Lake Mansarovar. On the way drive to the lake, you will take a break near Mayumla Pass. Here you will be completing immigration formalities before proceeding further. You will cross both Mayumla Pass and Paryang County.

For the first time, the tourists will get the glimpse of Mt. Kailash from the shore of Lake Mansarovar. Before reaching the lake, you will need to complete further permit formalities. You can use this period for enjoying the exotic beauty of the mount. After the immigration process, you will be driving towards the guest house locating near Chui Gompa monastery. As per the allowance, here you will change the mode of transport to continue the travel near the lake around Kailash region. 75% of the parikrama, you will complete today and the rest 25% will be completed at the last day of your trek. You will be mesmerized with the scenic beauty of the lake. Later you can go for visiting the monastery called Chui Gompa, located near the hillock.

Day 08Lake Mansarovar to Darchen

Meal:- Breakfast, lunch and dinner
Altitude:- Lake Mansarovar – 4590m
Darchen – 4575m
Distance:- 40km drive
Mode of Transport:- Bus coach

In the morning, you will be taking dip in the holy water of Lake Mansarovar. The shower will be arranged for you near the shore where you can change yourself after taking the holy dip. Our crew member actually set this up for providing good facility to the tourists. After making offerings in the lake, you will start your journey for Darchen. Enroute to Darchen, you can get a panoramic view of Demon’s Lake. This lake is located on the other side of Lake Mansarovar. Darchen is considered to be the base camp for Mt. Kailash and from here one starts the circumambulation around Mt. Kailash. In the afternoon you indulge yourself in shopping in the local markets. Stay overnight at Darchen.

Optional: You can also go for the excursion trip to Astapad from Darchen. You will have to trek from Darchen to Astapad and vice versa. Due to bad conditions of road, there is no proper transport support in this particular region. You have to make payment for this excursion trip to the local guides.

Day 09Drive till Yamdwar and starting Parikrama towards Dhiraphuk

Meal:- Breakfast, lunch and dinner
Altitude:- Yamdwar – 4755m
Dhiraphuk – 4775m
Distance:- drive till Yamdwar – 7km
Yamdwar to Dhiraphuk – 13kms (6hours trek)
Mode of Transport:- drive till yamdwar then trekking

After taking breakfast, you will be driving to Yamdwar. Our vehicles will drop you at Yamdwar, and from there you will be starting your trek towards Dhiraphuk. Before starting the parikrama, the pilgrims get a glimpse of Yamdwar. You will reach Dhiraphuk either on pony or by foot. All the kitchen items and camping logistics will be taken on pony, yaks. From Dhiraphuk, you will get an opportunity to view Mt. Kailash closely. You will face adverse climatic issues over there. Stay overnight in Dhiraphuk.

Day 10Trek from Dhiraphuk to Zuthulphuk via Dolma La Pass

Meal:- Breakfast, lunch and dinner
Altitude:- Dhiraphuk 4775m; Dolma La Pass: 5630m, Zuthulphuk: 4700m
Distance:- 22 kms
Mode of Transport:- trekking

Early in the morning, you will be trekking towards Zuthulphuk. You will reach Zuthulphuk via Dolma la pass. This is the optimum height of the trek and from there you will start descending down. Stay overnight in Zuthulphuk.

Day 11Trek to Darchen and then drive to Dongba

Meal:- Breakfast, lunch and dinner
Altitude:- Darchen – 4575m, New Dongba- 4500m
Distance:- 340kms
Mode of Transport:- bus coach

Today you will be completing the last segment of your parikrama. You will need around 5 hours to reach Darchen by trekking. The vehicles will be waiting for you on the other side of the trail. You will drive towards New Dongba to complete the rest 25% of the circumambulation around Lake Mansarovar. You will stay overnight in the guesthouse.

Day 12Drive to Kerung from Dongba

Meal:- Breakfast, lunch and dinner
Distance:- 380kms (7-8hours)
Mode of Transport:- bus coach

Today you will be driving back to Kerung after taking breakfast. The road conditions are not so well. Therefore, you will be taking little more time to reach there. Stay overnight in the guesthouse located in Kerung.

Day 13Kerung to Kathmandu via Rasuwagadhi

Meal:- Breakfast, lunch and dinner
Distance:- 170kms (7-8 hours)
Mode of Transport:- bus coach

Today you will be driving back to the capital city of Kathmandu after taking breakfast. After completing the entire custom formalities you will take minimum of 7-8 hours to reach. If you are left with time you can go for shopping as well. Stay overnight in the hotel.

Day 14Departure

Meal:- Breakfast
Mode of Transport:- private car
You will be dropped at the airport by our drivers for boarding the home-bound flight.

Food Services

When the pilgrims take the journey to the Kailash Mansarovar yatra, then they want pure veg food facility even in the distant land. We take care of such intricate details of our clients. In the detailed tour itinerary, we provide the clients with breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We send our own Maharaj (Indian cook) along with helper to give the taste of homely delicacies to our clients even in such alien land. Many pilgrims are quite unaware of the hygiene of food items. We never compromise with food services. Due to extreme climatic conditions, many face gastrointestinal issues, so we want our clients to enjoy every moment in the spiritual journey. Kailash Mansarovar Yatra involves a complete reincarnation of the body and soul of an individual. Every year, the pilgrims take this journey to rinse off the committed sins and take the path of complete liberation. We provide pure veg food (without onion garlic) to our tourists because we know this journey is a complete metamorphosis of an individual. We do not want to compromise with our kitchen services as our clients take an important role in our tourism business.

Price Includes

  • Arrival & departure transportation
  • Sightseeing tour of Pashupatinath and Budhanilkantha.
  • 3 star hotel at Kathmandu on twin sharing basis with all meals
  • Transfer to Kerung by tourist bus.
  • Tibet side: Accommodation in decent hotel/Guest House
  • Pure vegetarian meals prepare by our escort.
  • A/C coach & support trucks
  • English speaking Tibetan guide
  • Nepali tour leader
  • Gamow bag, oxygen, basic first-aid kit.
  • Kailash permit & normal Tibet/China visa fee.

Price Excludes

  • Airfare/Train fare from Home - Kathmandu – Home
  • All beverages, Photography charges and Telephone calls
  • Travel Insurance of clients
  • Emergency evacuation expenses
  • Riding Yak/Horse for Kailash Parikrama (direct payable to Yak/horse herder)
  • Extra cost in the event of landslide for hiring additional transportation
  • Expenses of personal urgent visa fee etc. & Services other than specified.
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