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Nepal Pilgrimage Tour

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10 Nights 11 Days
Availability : January to December
Max People : 16
Tour Details

Nepal is the land of mysticism. Nepal pilgrimage tour is one of the most popular tours in the country. This tour is designed to take the pilgrims to all the religious sites located around the country. The people from all across religious beliefs travel to Nepal to seek the blessings of their respective lords. In this spiritual land, you will find different monasteries, temples, stupas. You will be spiritually motivated while traveling to this land of mysticism. Our pilgrimage tour includes the places which are located outside and inside of Kathmandu valley. We design the tour itinerary for our clients as per their preferences.


All across the world, tourists travel to this land of mysticism to explore the beauty of spirituality. Since time immemorial, Nepal is believed to be a land with a magical spell. It has been in the bucket list of most of the travelers who want to explore the splendor of nature. The exotic sites of Nepal offer you to explore culture, heritage, history, spirituality, wildlife and adventure at a time. The backpackers travel to this land to taste the palate of such diversities at one time by visiting various destinations. Unlike vacation tour, pilgrimage tour is all about a complete devotion towards the lord. In our fast-paced life schedule, we forget the existence of supreme power. A pilgrimage tour is about re-establishing a bond between divine power and an individual. Nepal pilgrimage tour is about a tour to such spiritually vibrant places for engaging into the religious act. Before going to a pilgrimage tour, one has to comprehend the real meaning of such tour in Nepal. One undertakes a pilgrimage tour to get an experience of divine power. A pilgrim travels to these sacred places to unravel the historical narratives of these pilgrimage sites. Like others, the pilgrimage sites in Nepal have its own narrative to reveal to the tourists. Under the influence of the materialistic world, one forgets the true meaning of the karma. In these pilgrimage tours, one tends to purify the soul. It is a transformational process to reclaim consciousness with the help of spiritual power. In due course of time, a pilgrim learns about the spiritual dimension of life. A pilgrimage tour is a process of enlightenment. It is about perceiving the meaning of life. In this itinerary, you will be visiting all those recognized sites that are commonly visited by the pilgrims to attain inner peace of mind. In every religion, the idea of karma is widely celebrated and it is believed that our heavenly prosecution is dependent on our deeds in the mortal world. It is about the spiritual progress where a devotee rekindles his belief towards the Supreme Being. Nestled in the mountains of the Himalayas, Nepal has its own tales to reveal to the tourists. From the old religious scriptures, it is said that to attain solace gods chose mountains as the heavenly abode. Now we travel to these magical mountains to achieve spiritual revelation. For centuries, Nepal is regarded as the religious shrine to achieve salvation. The hermits or sages travel to this place to perform penance to establish an intimate relationship with the lord. The ambiance of tranquility will illuminate your inner darkness to a path of righteousness.


Itinerary Overview


Day 1: Arrival at Kathmandu

Day 2: Kathmandu sightseeing

Day 3: Kathmandu sightseeing

Day 4: Namobuddha and then Dhulikhel

Day 5: Drive to Kathmandu

Day 6: Lumbini

Day 7: Lumbini sightseeing

Day 8: Drive to Pokhara

Day 9: Pokhara sightseeing

Day 10: Fly to Kathmandu

Day 11: Departure


Departure & Return Location

Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu

Departure Time

3 Hours Before Flight Time

Tour Itinerary

Day 01:Arrival at Kathmandu

Meal:- L/D
Altitude:- 1400m
Distance:- around the city
Mode of Transport:- private car

You will be welcomed warmly at the gate of the airport by our driver. The driver will drop you at the hotel. A refreshing welcome drink will be offered in the hotel. After a little rest, you will get a briefing of the itinerary. Then you can stroll around the streets of the capital city. If you are a foodie then you can explore the little shops located in the busy streets of Kathmandu. You can also visit Thamel, the commercial street located in the neighborhood of Kathmandu. This street is quite famous among international travelers for its ambiance. You can explore eateries and local shops located alongside the street. At night you will stay in Kathmandu.

Day 02:Kathmandu sightseeing

Meal:- B/L/D
Distance:- Kathmandu – Boudhanath Stupa: 7kms (20 minutes)
Boudhanath stupa – Pashupatinath temple:- 2.6 kms (30 minutes)
Pashupatinath temple – Hiranya Varna Mahavihar:- 8.2kms (40 minutes)
Mode of Transport:- Bus coach

Today is the very first stretch of your vacation. You will start your day by visiting the recognized locations of the capital city. After taking breakfast, you will get yourself ready for the guided tour along the Kathmandu valley. The city is well known for its cultural and historical heritage monuments. When you will be strolling along the valley you will closely understand the essence of historical artifacts along with spiritual and religious values.

Start your day with Pashupatinath darshan. It is the national deity of the country. The religious temple shrine of Pashupatinath is located on the beautiful banks of Bagmati River. The temple complex is one of the most popular religious sites to be visited by the pilgrims of different religious beliefs. Inside the temple complex, one finds out temples devoted to different gods and goddesses. During the 5th century, Prachanda Dev, Lichchavi King erected the temple. With times, the temple was decayed until it is the oldest Hindu temple of the country. The deity Pashupatinath gained fame among the devotees as the Lord of Pashus. In Hindu mythology, darshan plays an important role to bring the devotees close to the devoted god. The ornamented pagoda styled temple still symbolizes the base of Shaivaism. After visiting such amazing temple architecture you will be going for the next stop.

Next, you will be visiting Patan. It is famous for Durbar Square. Visiting Nepal remains completely unfulfilled without visiting this second largest town. This beautiful city is located on the banks of River Bagmati. Inside the cityscape, you will be visiting some of the architectural masterpieces. It is believed that the square of the temple squad is located on the center of Kathmandu. While walking across the square, you will find out refugee quarters of Tibetan community as well. The travelogue becomes complete only when one starts interacting with the local people. The warm hospitability of Tibetan people will make you feel flattered with the culture of the country. Most of the people in the communities earn their livelihood from the carpet industry.

Lastly, you will be visiting Swayambhunath stupa, a marvelous symbol of Buddhism. The beautiful temple is located at the top of the hill in the valley of Kathmandu. From the hilltop, one can get a spectacular view of the valley as a whole. The Buddhist Newars believe this mythological place as the central most location in practicing Buddhism. Within the complex of the stupa, one finds out small temple shrines venerated during the Licchavi period. The main attraction of the stupa among the pilgrims is due to its wide eye sights. The compassion that one can feel in the eyes of Buddha painted on the walls of Stupa is quite famous. It is said that most of the iconography in Swayambhunath got its influence form Vajrayana School of thoughts of Newar Buddhism. Even the Hindus prefer to visit this worldly recognized location for its calm and serenity.

The entire day tour will be a cultural and pilgrimage tour as a whole. All the pilgrimage sites you will be visiting today will be an exciting experience as a whole. While walking along with these sites you will understand the woven narratives in these historical sites. As mentioned earlier it will be a complete amalgamation of cultural aspects and religiosity. In the evening you can indulge in shopping or strolling across the streets to explore your taste buds. At night you will stay in Kathmandu.

Day 03:Kathmandu sightseeing

Meal:- B/L/D
Distance:- Kathmandu to Dakshinkali temple: 2km (10 minutes)
Dakshinkali to Pharphing:- 2.4km(15minutes)
Pharping to Khokana:- 12km (45 minutes)
Mode of Transport:- Bus coach

After enjoying good Nepalese food you will be driving to Dakshinkali temple. This religious shrine is devoted to goddess Kali. It will take around an hour to reach the temple. Among the Hindu devotees, this temple shrine is quite famous for its high spirituality. It is said that without the sacrifice of animals the goddess never fulfills the desires of the devotees. It is written in the old scriptures that the sacrificing animals are believed to be a sacred phenomenon in this temple. During the time of Dashain, a lot of sacrifices are made inside the temple complex. Non-Hindus are not allowed to enter the temple premise. Inside the inner sanctum, you will find out the main image of the goddess made out of black stone with a garland made out of decapitated skull heads. The temple of Dakshinakali is located at the top of the hill in the village Pharphing. In the 14th century after getting a dream from the goddess, Malla King constructed this temple shrine. You will be amazed at the stone figurine of the goddess where the four golden colored serpents are erected over her head. The pilgrims devote their inner desires in front of the goddess in a mere hope of getting the wishes fulfilled.

Next, you will be visiting the village of Pharping. It is located in the southern part of the capital city. Among the Vajrayana Buddhists, this site is quite famous. In the village, Padmasambhava is worshipped widely thinking him as a manifestation of Guru Rinpoche. Mostly the tourists visit three main sacred sites – Vajrayogini temple, a cave devoted to Padmasambhava and the image of Tara. In the village, Vajrayogini is worshipped widely because Padmasambhava visualized her in his meditation on his way to Nepal. Then he meditated for 12 years in different caves. After the perception of his visualization, Padmasambhava built shrines here. In the 11th century, Phamthingpa, a Buddhist scholar reached the site. Pharphing got its name after the scholar. He reached there to initiate the Vajrayogini, Chakrasambhava and Kalachakra mandalas. Without visiting this small village you will not encounter the Buddhist school of Vajrayana.

After the visit to Pharphing, you will be visiting Khokana, Newar village located nearby. If you are a lover of history then you will definitely love the cultural tour of this village. In the medieval period, the Malla kings ruled this place. This village is quite famous for the harvesting of mustard oil. While taking a tour across the village you will find out how the oil is extracted using traditional mean. Under the influence of modern techniques, this old technique is not in much use. Inside the village, you will find out a three-storied temple of Rudrayani. This temple is also known as Shekala Mai temple. The temple shrine is devoted to the local goddess. The ornamental design made out of wooden plank will be amazing to look at. During the month of October, the village celebrates Khokana Jatra festival. In this festival, the masked dancers perform retelling religious stories. The people surrounding local villages also visit Khokana to witness the amazing performances of the local people.

After a cultural tour to these villages, you will be coming back to Kathmandu. Stay overnight in Kathmandu.

Day 04:Namobuddha and then Dhulikhel

Meal:- B/L/D
Distance: Kathmandu to Namobuddha:- 43km(1hr 50 minutes)
Namobuddha to Dhulikhel:- 13km (42 minutes)
Mode of Transport:- Bus coach

After relishing breakfast, you will be getting yourself ready for another Buddhist pilgrimage site. The Buddhist pilgrims believe to visit this religious site for its sacredness. This remarkable Buddhist religious site is located in the foothills of the Himalayas. The Tibetan residents call this Takamo Lu Jin meaning Tigress Body Generosity. This religious shrine narrates the story of the young prince surrendered his life to the starving tigress and her cubs. The young prince is believed to be an incarnation of Lord Buddha. This sacrifice of the prince is believed to be the generous and compassionate nature of the lord. The pilgrims visit this religious site to get an overview of the compassionate nature of Lord Buddha. From the top of the hillock, you will get an amazing view of Tashi Yangtse Monastery. After visiting this amazing site, you will be going to Dhulikhel.

Post lunch you will engage in trekking towards Panauti, a small village located near Dhulikhel. It is located in the eastern part of mountain fringes in Kathmandu Valley. From this small town, you will get an amazing view of the Himalayas. You will be walking across the village to accustom yourself with the Newar culture and architecture. You will find out a number of temples located alongside the village. Capturing the panoramic views of the mountains will be an added experience for you. At night you will stay in Dhulikhel.

Day 05:Drive to Kathmandu

Meal:- B/L/D
Distance:- Dhulikhel to Kathmandu: 30km (1hr 20 minutes)
Mode of Transport:- Bus coach

After enjoying delicious breakfast you will be driving to Kathmandu. After reaching the capital city, you can spend your time shopping or move around the city.

If you have time you can go for Budhanilkantha temple visit as well. The devotees of Lord Vishnu like to visit this temple shrine. This architectural marvel was built in the 5th century. Inside the temple shrine, you will find out an amazing sculpting work on sleeping Vishnu made out of a single stone. The calm features of Lord Vishnu will give inner peace to the mind. This famous temple is located in the foothills of Shivapuri. The reclined image of Lord Vishnu on the bed of cosmic serpent called Seshnaga is an amazing site to visit.
At night stay in Kathmandu.

Day 06:Lumbini

Meal:- B/L/D
Altitude: 150m
Distance:- Kathmandu to Lumbini: 259kms (7hrs)
Mode of Transport:- Bus coach

In the morning after breakfast, you will be driving to Lumbini. Among the Buddhist pilgrims, this place is quite famous for its religiosity. According to UNESCO, this site is one of the recognized world heritage sites. In the historical ruins of Lumbini, you will find out the stories of Lord Buddha. According to the old scriptures of Jataka stories, this place is the holy birthplace of Lord Buddha. Here the Buddhist followers come together to discuss the different schools of Buddhist philosophies. In the 5th century, the religion started flourishing all across Asia as one of the reviving force. After reaching Lumbini, you will spend your time in visiting the local market. You can buy gifts for your near and dear ones. At night you will stay in Lumbini.

Day 07:Lumbini sightseeing

Meal:- B/L/D
Distance:- around the city
Mode of Transport:- Bus coach

After taking delicious breakfast you will be visiting the Lumbini. It is the major attraction of this itinerary to step into the auspicious soil where Lord Buddha took birth. In a pilgrimage tour, one looks for a complete blend of religiosity and historical relevance. It is a complete journey where the pilgrims rekindle the relationship between the lord and devotee. This famous pilgrimage site is famous for the birthplace of Lord Buddha. While traveling across the garden of Lumbini, you will find out the religious schools of Buddhism. You will find out how the spiritual think across the world come to this beautiful religious site to discuss the various philosophies of Buddhism.

Within the temple complex first, you will be visiting Mayadevi Temple. According to archaeologists, this famous temple is believed to be the exact location of the birthplace of Lord Buddha. From the inscriptions on the Ashokan Pillar, it is also proved that this place is the birthplace of Lord Buddha. The long Sal grove located within the garden is believed to be the main focus of attraction. It is believed that Lord Buddha took his first royal steps in the beautiful garden of Lumbini. Next, you will be visiting the sacred pond called Pushakarini. From the old religious scriptures, it is known that Mayadevi, on the auspicious day of Baishaka Purnima in 623BC took a holy bath in the pond. After taking the bath, the queen gave birth to Prince Siddhartha. He showed the entire universe the path of enlightenment.

Within the complex, you will find out beautiful monasteries devoted to Lord Buddha. Different countries follow different schools of thoughts for preaching the path of peace. The archaeological monument of Mayadevi temple dated back to 2200 years. If you are taking this pilgrimage tour to find out solitude, then this location is the best for you. You can engage in meditation in this calm and composed location for one to one encounter with the lord. In the 14th century, Ripu Malla left an inscription made of sandstone engraving the birth story of Lord Buddha. You will also find out the Ashokan Pillar which was built by Emperor Ashoka in 249BC. In the pillar, you will find out the rich teachings and philosophies of Lord Buddha. If you have enough time you can also visit Panditarama Vipassana center where one can indulge in complete meditation and yoga. As it is a pilgrimage tour, one also gets an opportunity to introspect to the inner self. You can also engage in interaction with the spiritual thinkers and the monks staying in the vicinity of Lumbini. The abundance of nature and finding the serenity out of it will be the main objective of your itinerary. At night you will stay in Lumbini.

Day 08:Drive to Pokhara

Meal:- B/L/D
Altitude: 1400m
Distance:- Lumbini to Pokhara: 200km(6hours)
Mode of Transport:- Bus coach

Today after breakfast you will be driving to Pokhara. It is known as the tourism capital of the country for its amazing mountainous views. This small village is a paradise for adventure seekers. You can explore most of the adventure sports located in the valley. Apart from experiencing an adrenaline rush in the valley, you can also take a spiritual leap in the beautiful temples located around Pokhara. First, you will visit Tal Barahi temple located on a small island on Phewa Lake. Goddess Varahi who is an incarnation of Devi Durga is worshipped inside the temple. The Hindu and Buddhist followers travel to this temple for seeking blessings. King Kulmandhan Shah built this amazing temple after getting a dream from the goddess. The two storied pagodas styled temple architecture is made of bricks, wood, and stone. Inside the temple premise, you will find huge accommodation for a large number of devotees. The goddess is in the form of boar. The goddess took this cosmic shape to kill demons. It is believed that after a dreadful war, the goddess wished to stay back in the valley of Pokhara.

Later you will be visiting Shanti Stupa situated at the top of Ananda hill. A monk built this stupa under the supervision of Nichidatsu Fuji. This pagoda styled monument stands as a symbol of peace. Nepal has two of the eighty Shanti stupas in the world. One is located in Lumbini marking the birthplace of Lord Buddha and the other in Pokhara. This place is quite famous for its amazing view of surrounding Annapurna Range. From the top of the peace pagoda, one can get an amazing view of Phewa Lake as well. At night you will stay in Pokhara.

Day 09:Pokhara sight seeing

Meal:- B/L/D
Distance:- around the city
Mode of Transport:- Bus coach

Early in the morning, you will be starting your amazing visit to Bindebashini temple. It is a famous temple devoted to Goddess Durga. Siddhi Narayan Shah, ruler of Kaski district built this amazing temple for the glory of the country. Then you will be visiting Davis Falls. The Nepalese name for the falls is Patale Chango. The gushing water of the falls makes the place beautiful. The mystery of the falls is its underground drainage. You will see how the water flows deep inside the earth.

Later you will be visiting Gupteshwar Mahadev Cave. This cave is devoted to Lord Shiva. It will be an amazing experience for the pilgrims to walk across the cave to reach the main statue of Lord Shiva. While walking inside the cave, you will enjoy amazing sights of light and darkness inside the cave. You will find out natural deposits of limestone inside the cave.
At night you will stay in Pokhara.

Day 10:Fly to Kathmandu

Meal:- B/L/D
Distance:- Pokhara to Kathmandu: 204km (6hours)/ by flight: 25 minutes
Mode of Transport:- Bus coach

Today early in the morning you will be flying back to Kathmandu. In the evening you can enjoy your last evening in Nepal. You can indulge in shopping. You can also spend your time enjoying the local delicacies of Nepal.

As per your arrival in the capital city, you can book your homebound flight accordingly.

Day 11:Departure

Meal:- B
Mode of Transport:- private car

Early in the morning, you will be boarding your homebound flight. Our driver will drop you at the airport according to the time schedule of your flight. We believe in making a picture perfect journey for you. Being a first timer in visiting Nepal, we want you to give a hearty overview of the country. We want to create memories for a lifetime. The mysticism of Nepal is depicted differently by others we want to present the best kind of memories for you.

Service Includes

  • All the Internal Transfers with in Nepal by private vehicle
  • Accommodation with breakfast and dinner in 3* Hotel
  • Sightseeing as per the itinerary

Service Excludes

  • Tourist visa, travel insurance, guide, meals, laundry, telephone, portage, tips
  • GST 5% and extras not mentioned as inclusions
Nepal Pilgrimage Tour
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