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NOTICE FOR TRAVELLERS –August / September 2020

Dear Guests,

Greetings from the NTP team!

Hope you are safe and secure at home.

You are aware that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused great distress across the globe and the economy has been affected badly. The travel and tourism industry is among the most affected sectors, with airplanes on the ground, hotels closed and travel restrictions put in place virtually in all countries around the world until August 2020.

We are happy to say that post worldwide government measures to control Covid-19, the situation is improving now. Some Airlines are operational on limited routes with limited resources and as per post COVID policies of related countries. Some Countries have opened Tourism with precautionary measures.

In India, Lockdown order has been extended from time to time till 31stAugust 2020, is still in effect and is likely to continue into the coming weeks/months. All transport services-Air, Rail, Roadways are suspended for public & commercial and private offices are operated with only 10% of staff. So due to such Force majeure situation, we are rescheduling all our tours till January 30, 2021.

As the the situation improved a little after October 2020, NTP has engaged with various different Overseas and Domestic Travel Agents, Airlines, Hoteliers, VISA Consulates etc. in order to resolve the touring issues of Tourists. We have informed almost all our Tourists by now & informed the happening in the Travel sector. The force majeure situation has restricted us to give you further services in spite all logistics were ready well in advance. It has also restricted you to move out for Tour on Departure date. However, considering the unforeseen Covid-19 scenario, most of the service providers in India and abroad haveagreeing to give credit shell from present booking dates to future possible dates.

We have completed our exercise with Suppliers & started mailing Postponement Open Docket Intimation Letters to our Tourists from the official email id: info@nepaltourism.net for communication on Rescheduling of Tours. Tourists who have provided only Telephone/ cell number are requested to provide email ID & ensuremail from NTP on Open Docket Letter. The process may take some time due to restrictions on working with limited staff & commuting problems.

NTP management plans to open inquiries for 2021/2022 on WORLD TOURISM DAY i.e.September 27, 2020. We are taking every possible step to save and minimize the cost of your Travel. We withstand to operate all the group tours based on Order and Advisories from Governments and in normal situations.

Thanking you.

NTP Guest Relations

August 12, 2020


Subject:-  For the India, Nepal & Kailash Yatra Pilgrimage – Resolved for NTP Patrons Secured Investments to Travel on at Shuffled / Postponed Schedules Resolved for “Open Docket” without any levies to secure for the year 2021 to 2022 any date month.


 Dated. 20th April 2020

Subject:- For the India, Nepal & Kailash Yatra Pilgrimage – Resolved for NTP Patrons Secured Investments to Travel on at Shuffled / Postponed Schedules Resolved for “Open Docket” without any levies to secure for the year 2021 to 2022 any date month. 

Notification has pleasing shares in Facilitation for the resolve: “Open Docket” For those booked to traveling at approaching Date/ Month of May & June 2020 has been finally resolved for postponing whereas the scheme also to apply for those booked for 2020 any date / month of schedule should they intend to holding it as open docket from now or they wish to wait and intend travelling should yatra commence. 

The travel planner for May and June has been finally upheld for a shuffle to 2021 offer for any date/ month for the Year 2021 to 2022, resolved for the booked traveller to be assured penny wise secured investments.

Guests subscribed for their travel plans through the resolution have been secured as “Open Docket”, to facilitate availing anytime until 2021/2022. 

We are officially informing through this mail message, communique after having series of meetings through video conferencing with our counterparts across India Nepal Tibet, It has been resolved to inform share communicate with assuring explanation of official communique imply as a Policy decision to tide over pandemic odd times as world has to revive with propelling enthusiasms, NTP has role to play and offers to regale. 

Policy Decisions to imply as the “Resolution” 

for NTP Customer & for Tourism  Entities belong to NTP  Tourism Affairs Ltd. 


Resolved to appraise our guests and those in concern that the COVID-19, outbreak has been pandemic besides most unprecedented clamping all activities  locking of all doors spread throughout and confined everyone inside lockdown hapless even to plan in the short run.

Resolution Part 1 

Therefore we at NTP have decided to immediately resolve and abandon May and June 2020 travel planner to postpone /reschedule thus inform our group participants of May and June THAT THEIR DOCKETS HAVE BEEN FINALLY SECURED FOR THE YEAR 2021 TO 2022 TO AVAIL AT THEIR CHOICE OF DATE / MONTH / YEAR, that they are secured to avail free Open Docket scheme whereby no amount will be charged for making their travel plan as Open.

Resolution Part 2 

Therefore we at NTP have decided to immediately resolve and abandon May and June 2020 travel plans to postpone /reschedule thus inform our group participants booked for any date/ month/ year THAT THEIR DOCKETS CAN BE SECURED FOR THE YEAR 2021 TO 2022 TO AVAIL AT THEIR CHOICE OF DATE / MONTH / YEAR, SHOULD THEY DO NOT INTEND TO TRAVELLING AT POSSIBLE PILGRIMAGE / TRAVEL PLANS OPEN FOR JULY 2020 ONWARDS,  they will be secured for  availing their no loss investment as the Open Docket whereby no amount will be charged for making their travel plan as Open to avail any day/month /year. 

Further & More to Explain – In order to support our guests and associates we are steadfastly standing by our guests and NTP Team and associates therefore the resolution has the deserving explanation – 

NTP have resolved in best possibility to secure all human planks logistical planks in the state of uncertainty banking on NTP for their lives professions trust travel ambitions material and divine ambitions to survive therefore it has become our professional and divine duty to rise above the rest to crowning glory for NTP and the larger world, Ensure  NTP guests associates  its team across India Nepal Tibet are secured for their no loss thus to hold for assuring win the  for the greater cause and encompassing strength to defeat Corona caused downturn pessimism and depressing environ , we have resolved to cruise through pandemic times therefore Resolved as – 

All the non-flexible bookings of Tourism & Pilgrimage  Dockets (Exclude Travels by Air Surface Water) made through 2020 December, To Specify Here – ALL THOSE BOOKED AND WILLING TO BOOK WILL HAVE FLEXIBLE OPTIONS WHEREBY NO CHARGE NO COST SHALL BE LEVIED UPON THEIR POSTPONING SHUFFLING TRAVEL ITINERARY.

Wish your honours reciprocating gesture thus pleading for your acknowledgements and overwhelming support , pleading to team up with your own NTP which has promise to remain time tested honest and proving to your trust and aspirations 

“We at NTP are offering extra flexibility and support therefore for all the those bookings that have been made directly through NTP Tourism Affairs Ltd Offices, websites ntpindiatourism.com, nepaltourism.net & kailashyatra.net, phones, mails, contacted centres are eligible to Open Docket Policy.

All the Bookings on Hold thus are Validated & All Future Bookings Shall Remain Validated through 2022

Emails Sought at :info@nepaltourism.net 

Live Chat at Websites, Besides regular Phones  and WhatsApp Communications to remain open to ensure our guests remain at blessing distance to win over corona pandemic and flock in to submit at Kailash at the earliest, 

NTP Prayers 



Dated. 13 April 2020

Dear Guest,

Greetings from NTP !

Submitting to God, Praying almighty God for the wellbeing of the world, Wish to remain at the best of association with our Patrons through NTP officials working round the clock from their home, concern for your good health and happy nestling in the circumstances hope you will find us stretching out to reach for anything and everything we could do, infuse some pleasure by speaking communicating sharing for your desired destinations in wait, bookings on hold, you may love to visiting as early as Pandemic gets over. To share good news, Nepal has very little Covid 19 impact it has miniscule cases to cure and God willing no casualties to date and hope to get an early clearance, Nepal awaiting so are we for You, God Shiva Kailash and sprawling Himalayas are seen through lovely horizons visible as opaque that one can see Peaks and ranges of Himalayam mountains changing their colors through the day refreshing love and moods, Shiva Parwati abode Kailash Mansarovar can be touched from miles with naked eyes is mesmerising.

Caring for your health and wellbeing of the world health however has no place for pessimism however hit by the Corona pandemic We have more reasons to praying god travel for peace and divinity pray pour in emotional support of our saviours and warriors let their gallant efforts a d our logistical supports consolidate their actions, At huddle with those at frontlines, least we could do remaining at stage social distance and closeting emotional, God in our meditating prayers to save and survive creatures, mountains and rivers the divine panorama to celebrate, conquer over pandemic, submitting to God in solemn tribute for those lost in the battle, killed by the cruel Corona, wish we all pledge to have mutual love care respect for the happiness bestowed by the God.

Take on Profession – Professionally, We are working closely with Airlines, Hoteliers, Industry partners, Ground Operators & Coach companies for the most up-to-date information, & continue to observe and monitor this ongoing situation every day, including the government advisory published time to time we are monitoring, updating and preparing accordingly.

On the hind side the Coronavirus pandemic having swiped through the world worries everyone the only news worry and concern everywhere in the world is to defeat corona and save humans, Print & electronic media are engrossed all over reporting the Corona, Governments world over are in close coordination to normalize the world and we at Travel and Tourism are attributed to ensure sooner the normality return better we make our travellers and tourists to take up their sojourn for their so aspired travel to divine and pleasure destinations.

We have responsibility towards society to contribute and ensure as early the normality return, we must care for our guests the great patrons to promise further for their sure and assured investments with NTP are well protected to reap rich harvest as we commensurate in the post pandemic era, wish we meet even healthy wealthy and wise.

Statuary shares of notifications are mandated through the governments , WHO and several bodies to honor and care to follow, the Govt of India Travel Advisories and the World Health Organisation – WHO (www.who.int) to refer, declared the COVID-19 outbreak, a global pandemic, later, Government of India, Ministry of Home Affairs also issued Order of Lockout of Country until April 14,2020 , which is slated to extend further until 30th April 2020, So as to break the social spread of the Corona in the Country, Hope to bounce back victorious.

NTP Tourism Affairs Ltd. Through its share as above, we wish to remain connected through updates from time to time till we resume our travel and tour operations and no later than June we hope to have our new time table of tour departures.
Let’s bear together for the happy days there again let’s remain strength for each other through the ordeal, NTP Tourism Affairs Ltd. has remain steadfast committed through it’s journey for 34 long years, considering the safety of our tourists and as per our norms and practices in the past we always launch pilot travel as familiarisation complimentary tours for our fellow agents travel partners before we rescheduled launch our operations, Pilot practices ensure fool proof tracking of safe and pleasure zones celebrated as our guests visit.

Finally to expect all out domestic and International operations to commence from June 2020, but as assured to remain in pleasure shares until we resume to our offices and receive you all with the smile to pray god usher in happiness for all times.
However in any event Force Majeure any cancellation enforced for the situation beyond the control of NTP Tourism Affairs Ltd. It has liability to settle shall have larger connivance with those at the helm to facilitate refunds, The Airlines, Hotels, Transporters, Overseas Counterparts Facilitators organizers of logistics suppliers of products and services in the regions under their operations.

We are trying our best to keep the rescheduling charges as low as possible allowing our guests to travel on the same tour or at their alternative choice of dates and tours soon we resume commence operations but to assure the Open Voucher policy so introduced has been favoured by all to avail their travel and tour any time until 2121 Year with no cancellation charge or the penal Levi.

In the unlikely event of any traveller finding the rescheduling of tour inconvenient, they may request for cancellation of their respective tours, but to assure, all such cancellation shall process as per the rules, charges as applicable but for the delay in process and realization of proceeds can be a wait until office in India Nepal Tibet as well across the world resume to working.
NTP Is taking all the communication on email ID info@nepaltourism.net for communication on Rescheduling of Tours.

We will try to resolve your queries through this email or you can contact your respective booking Executives. Note : Decision regarding tours departing from May 31, 2020 will be taken 30 days prior to departure depending on Situation & Advisory/ Order/ Notifications of Government of India as well as visiting Countries

Dated 13th April 2020
Founder Director/ Mentor
Hemant K Sharma

Notic covid – 19


Dated. 30 March 2020

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