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How much is duration of Kailash Mansarover Yatra?
How is the tour usually conducted for the 13 days Land Route?
How many parikrama we do in Kailash ?
Which is the best time to travel for the Yatra ?
Which vehicles are used during the Yatra on the Tibet Side ?
What type of stay arrangements are planned for the Yatra at kathmandu?
What kind of stay arrangement is planned at Tibet ?
What kind of Food is provided for the Kailash yatra ?
How can we do the Puja and availability of the Pandas ?
If I am unable to do Kailash parikrama than how things are managed ?
How many days Yak/Pony or porter is required by the pilgrim during the yatra and how much does the same cost ?
Whata re the hidden charges i.e., to be paid directly during the yatra or else ?
Which currency and how much money we must carry for the Yatra ?
What all is provided by the travel company ?
Any kind of Medical certificate is required for the Yatra ?
What all documents are required for the Yatra ?
Can we do Kailash yatra on the full moon day ?
Are the children allowed for the Yatra 6-10 years?
Any specific precaution for the children ?
Do we need to pay additional for the visa ?
Are there frequent landslides during the travel ?
How is the sanitation on our way ?
How is the availability of the drinking water ?
Can we carry digital cameras/video cameras ? How is the possibility to recharge and is there any restriction ?
How is the communication availability en route the Yatra ?
When should we book Kailash yatra and how ?
How can we make the payments ?
What all essentials to be carried during the Yatra ?
Is there any restriction with the age ?
What is the cancellation policy ?

FAQ Nepal

How do I get to Nepal?
Do I need a visa to enter Nepal?
What is the currency of Nepal?
What inoculations are recommended before visiting Nepal?

Faq Muktinath

What is best season to travel?
Any special permit is required?
Can we find Saligram in Gandki river ?
Which God and in what format ?

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