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Jyotilinga & Shaktipeeth Pilgrimage
  • 7 Nights & 8 Days
    (Kathmandu Pokhara Muktinath , Janakpur & Nagarkot)
  • 39,000 780 (PP)
Nepal Buddhist Tour (Kathmandu , Pokhara , lumbini)
  • 7 Nights & 8 Days
    (Pashupatinath , Boudha , Symbhunath , Lumbini)
  • 35,000 675 (PP)
Mountain , Wildlife and Pilgrimage Kathmandu , Nagarkot ,Chitwan & Pokhara
  • 7 Nights and 8 days
    (Pashupatinath , Budhanilkaantha , Mount Everest /Sunset & Sunrise ,Rhino with bird Watching , Lakes and Annapurna ranges)
  • 35,000 675 (PP)
Kailash Helicopter Tour-(10 Days)

Significance Muktinath

  • Muktinath - Signify The God of Salvation 'Vishnu'
  • Brahma - Vishnu - Mahesh are The Ultimate in Hindu Philosophy, Brahma is the Creator of Universe, Vishnu the Protector , Shiva/ Mahesh the Destroyer
  • For the Vaishnavites - Called the 'Vishnu-Devotees' God Vishnu is the ultimate supreme Lord, God has entire universe formatting Lotus in the Palm, The cosmos revolves around Vishnu finger in a disc form/ the Chakra, Music of life resonate through conch, Vishnu is the protector of the world and the protector of Dharma. Lord Vishnu is merciful, different sects of Hindus and other religions worship but to Vaisnavites, Vishnu is the ultimate the supreme for the peace it bless absolve all sins and leads to salvation - for a human being getting reprieve off-sin and passage to salvation is Vishnu- The Muktinath - Saligram Arena at Jomsom {Mustang Himalayas of Nepal} It's mesmerizing that Ram and Krishna are Vishnu Avatars (Incarnations), Vishnu had other incarnations as Matsya (fish), Kurma (turtle), Varaha (boar), Narasimha (man-lion), Vamana (dwarf), Parashurama (warrior-priest), Rama (prince), Krishna (cow-herd), Buddha (sage), Kalki (horseman, yet to appeared) 'Vishnu' in divine pursuit revered 'The Muktinath', clubbing of two words Mukti meaning the Salvation / Nirvana and Nath means the God / Lord, It has greater significance amongst spiritual devout of South Asian, in other parts of the world Vishnu devotes are no less they all are classified as Vaishnavites.
  • Muktinath (the provider of salvation) area the region is called as the Mukti- Kshetra (Salvation- Area) site, where thousands of devotees pilgrimage for attaining the much sought after Mukti/ Moksha(Salvation/ Freedom from all sin, accumulated over the cycle of birth and rebirth "Hence the Salvation".
  • Hindu religion followers overwhelmingly humble submitting to Vishnu, plead for Mukti-Nirvana from the cycle of being born & dead, as the inner voice denounce the world of "MAYA" (Material-Glue-Illusion) pled for the Salvation {Soul attaching to God}, # Kabir Vani/ Verse - Ankhiyan Bheetar Ava Tuu Palak Band Kar Leun Na Mai Dekhun Aaur Ko Na Tujh Dekha Deun {Craving for Godly Light to Gain-in - Moment it Enter Shall Close Eye-Lid Let World Not Be Seen By Me Nor Shall I let You to See}.
  • Life gets blessed as one aspire to transcend Vishnu-Path / Mukti-Nath, Prayers for salvation, A visit to Muktinath said to be enough to set path and course for life, pilgrimage to Mukti-Nath is the ultimate passage, transcending away from all sins.
  • Muktinath is Kshetra (the area) where the Vishnu got Nirvana the Temple exist, as proclaimed for once in a life time visit, Muktinath is most sacred pilgrimage for Hindus, Buddhists and all those in quest for god of all the religions.
  • Muktinath Valley lies in high reach areas beyond Jomsom / Nepal 18 Kms North East/, in the district 'Mustang' in the north central part of Nepal, at an altitude of about 3800 meters at the foot of the Thorong La Mountain {Himalayan Range}, The holy place of Muktinath has Buddhist Gompa and the Temple of Vishnu Mandir is Pagoda-Structured, nestling inside Vishnu, Muktikshetra (Place of salvation) is one of the four religious sites & It is also one of the 51 Shakti Peeth {Divine Power Sanctum Santorum).
  • Muktinath area has rich divinity for the Saligramas {Pious stone of a specific shape & size called saligrm / the god's symbol-sign) Many Shaligrams found here are considered by Hindu as incarnation of lord Vishnu and worship them. According to Hindu Philosophy, Lord Vishnu accepted his devotee Virnda's curse / abhishap to dwell turned into stone, thus Vishnu worshiped in Saligram/ stones to worship.
  • South Indians divinity attached to place as "Muktidham" meaning by 'Place of Salvation', being to Muktinath for every south Indian is life-time ambition to meet their peace in salvation.
  • For the Buddhist its valley of Chumig Gyatsa, Tibetan Buddhists Muktinath-Chumig Gyatsa is place they believe dwellings of Dakinis !!!!, Dakinis are the sky dancers for the Tantric- Yagna, according to their belief the Murti/ Idol considered to be the manifestation of Avalokitesvara Its Sanskrit language derivative 'Lord Who Looks Down'- Bodhisatva Quote
  • Muktinath nestle in divinity along the 'River Kali Gandaki' the bed of Saligrams {Vishnu Charan dwelling in Stone}, worshipped at every home, Its Saligram that is worshiped in Vishnu temple world-over.

Muktinath Temple
Beauty of Muktidahara / Salvation Stream at Muktinath:-
Water Pond / Kunda:
Muktinath-Jwalamai Temple:
God Vishnu Charan in Stone Called The Saligrama :
Buddhist monastery 'Gompa Samba' has

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