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NTP Team Members

Hemant Sharma (Hon. Mentor Ex-CEO NTP)
  • Qualification: Research Karl-Marx , PG (Eco.) MBA
  • Founder NTP, debutante media persona, National sports champ. is enigmatic, charismatic visionary, great mentor, team man. Tourism in Nepal symbolizes his long haul of activism for almost three decades of credible performance, he refused to becoming travel agent but tourism organizer for everyone in quest of scholastic knowledge, closeting to mountains-nature-heritage, Since augmented India Inc and Nepal Inc. alongside in the year 1988, NTP Nepal Inc. has diversified to University Colleges in the hospitality & tourism management.

    Mr. Hemant Sharma as the honorable mentor, guiding force for NTP is engaged with his fond of activities in media serving the cause of human rights, clean Geo-politics and on many subjects to his ambit.

    NTP surviving with the ethos of Honorable Amitabh Sharma - Colorful officer- Delhi Tourism, scarified relinquished for the sacrilegious infesting tourism to corruption, he has blessed NTP augmentation in 1988, the inspiration NTP imbibed in character vouched to survive with Ethos - Lest no traveler dealt by strange outsourcing must meet everywhere NTP persona and class of character -Earn out of gratification not extortion, immerse your entirety with your guests for their cause and concern plead for their becoming patrons for NTP family

    -Live to leave the legacy of ancestors to be followed by the inheritors, not by the occupational professionals to reduce the essence of being NTP"

    "NTP has born with Ethos shall survive and live-on with ethos, as generations roll over in god's domain wish NTP to remain with god's grace for the cause & concern NTP founded and patronized to survive."
Pooja Mehra (Corporate Director - NTP)
  • Qualification: PG Tourism (DU), MBA(IIM), German (Max-Muler), Educationist - CEO of University Colleges in Nepal
  • Pride of NTP for 18 years, world travelers rely to her knowledge, management of docket, superb operational cares, reminiscence of travelers rich experience nestle with Pooja's all time super access.
  • Conversant in many Indian languages English, Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil, is Nepali conversant and German proficient.
  • World of tourism and education often found debating whom she Favorited more, guests speak for Pooja volumes and pupil adore her as their Mother Teresa, many call her Nepal's Kailash Satyarthi, Pooja is attributed to investing in Nepal education enterprises for 'No Profits' but to contribute from her lifetime earnings and NTP's philanthropy- Hats-off character.
Babita Shrestha (Head - NTP Corporate Affairs in Nepal)
  • Qualification: PG Tourism & Management
  • Product of NTP for 12 years, who's who is tourism to Nepal and Tibet Himalayas consult Babita, Travelers in her operational command feel secure as she has one mantra 'Leave her the care & enjoy your sojourn' hardly any traditional lady from celebrated family seen working in Nepal 24x7, often she is mistaken being a Nepali or an Indian or from the western world, she is fluent and multilingual.
Sunita Shrestha (Operations In-charge/ Nepal & Tibet)
  • Qualification: Graduate in Tourism & Proficiency in Money Exchange
  • Proud daughter of Nepal's Mountaineering warrior Mr R B Shrestha, Custodian of NTP in Nepal, Sunita is proud possession for over 10 years, guests find in her responsible organizer and all time access smiling beauty.
Professor Upasana (NTP Head / Hospitality Management)
  • Qualification: PG H. Management
  • Upasana singularly command team of hospitality trained graduates deploy them for NTP groups, credit to her distinction, NTP has dearth of able care takers who else could match NTP against Upasana's charming cares, guests get more than umbrella cover.
Kiran Shrestha (Custodian NTP/ Nepal)
  • Qualification:- PG HM (Austria)
  • Charismatic persona for NTP, guests from top of the world who's who in every walk of life having had Kiran Dai's company the most memorable time in their sojourn, Kiran Dai intellectual interactions often goes longer than night, guests at his table are never billed but honored. Himalayan ranges from east -to- west overlooking highest of high peaks Mt' Everest, mesmerize everyone at the grandeur of international hospitality 'Himalayan Horizon' - Sun 'n Snow, Director/ owner Kiran Shrestha gracing the guests from President of America to Prime minister of India, privilege of having SARC guests added to thousand of feathers, to Credible Kiran Dai/ NTP Custodian.
Asha Gulati (Sr. NTP Head / USA)
  • Qualification: PG - Geography
  • Asha ji, is 22 years senior to shame the even 01 year trainee / junior when it comes to dancing with service, guest don't need to remind her as she is over active at service, she is credited to having handled thousands of FITs & Groups with no less than 100% success rate not a 1% she has ever been discredited for, overwhelming score-100% just great.
Sameer Kumar (Founder Dir. Sr. NTP Head/ U.K)
  • Qualification: MBA Banking & Finance
  • Seasoned campaigner rich experience at Travel Bag - UK and HSBC Bank - UK, stationed at UK/Prague engaged in professional augmentation for the groups and FITs, corporates and travel houses outsourcing business to India, Nepal, Tibet-China.
Imtiyaz (Hon. Director NTP/ Dubai)
  • Qualification: PG- Tourism MBA (AMU)
  • Sr. wizard, most favorite NTP champ. credited by the CEO and gratified by team NTP for the great services Imtiyaz Sir always rendered, guests are hooked by his modesty, honesty and human face, god's own man Imtiyaz, has imprint of his class while at India operations now heading Dubai, as an NTP asset.
Neelam Sharma (Director / NTP- Chief Financial Controller)
  • Qualification: Graduate (DU)
  • Founder director Ms Neelam Sharma has been nurturing NTP business group companies, her analytic wisdom attributed to the healthy growth of NTP tree, branching out from cities to nations.
  • Corporate financial governance in her acumen is assured, credit rating of NTP growing since inception, attributed to madam's credibility.
Yadram (Executive - Office Automation)
  • Qualification: NTP orientation attributed to her abilities aspiring to graduate soon
  • Yadram known NTP family Member for over 20 years, has began modest now responsible for entire office automation, He is operational command on computers, printers, scanners sophisticated projectors and shoot cameras, Yadram is versatile often found at sales and marketing.
Manish Choubey(Accounts Officer / NTP)
  • Qualification: M com, Chartering with CA
  • Youthful talented Manish Choubey has been assisting NTP accounts for over 2 years, elevated to accounts officer's cadre for his tourism related accounts knowledge and matching experience transcended to his becoming an asset at accounts assisting tourism dockets accounting aspects that distinct him from an accountant to specialized accounts officer.
    Tarun has responsible match to financial controller's requisites and as a CA assist does up-keeping of balance sheet, audits etc.

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