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Registration Open - Kailash Mansarovar Yatra
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Terms and Conditions

Thanks for visiting and, we acknowledge that you read and understand the terms and conditions of this web site before using it. We have provided terms and condition in other to keep this web site working well for everyone. Please read all terms and conditions carefully. Usage of the site shows agreement with the term. We hope you enjoy the site and looking forward to serving your travel needs.

1. Pricing Details
2. Reservation
3. Payment Requirement
4. Name Changes, Cancellations, Refunds
5. Eligibility
6. Inclusion & Exclusion
7. Meals
8. Participation of Program
9. Travel Documents
10. Insurance Protection
11. Alteration of Itinerary
12. Luggage Allowance
13. Medical Issues
14. Communication and Advices
15, Complaints & Claims

1. Pricing Details

All our prices are quoted in USD and INR. Exchange rate may variate. The final quotation will be adjusted according to the latest real-time exchange rate. All prices and prices ranges are subject to change without notice, which is resulting from unstable fluctuation of currency sometimes, so it is highly recommend that you make full payments as soon as possible so that in case of any fluctuation of currency, the loss will be absorbed by NTP Tourism Affairs Ltd.

If you have children traveling with you, the prices for children who are under 2 years will be 10% of the full payment; and children between 2 and 11 years old (including 2 years old and 11 years old) will be offered a better price; and children at 12 years old or above will pay the full price.

2. Reservation

It is very easy to book a tour through,, including Tibet tour, India tour and Nepal tour. Check the following booking methods and process:
1) Reach us and Tell Your Requirements
Phone Booking: you are always welcome to contacting of professional travel consultants through phone for enquiries and also booking of tours after a regular business working hours or weekends and official holiday.

Email Booking: Reservation can be made through this e-mail  and once received one of our travel consultants will contact you as soon as possible.

Online Booking: You can use our Quick Booking or Enquiry form showing your full Name, E-mail address, nationality and also trip details which is optional. And one of our experienced local or international travel consultants will contact you within the hours of 24 to handle the tour products you’ve selected from our website.

2) Get a Quotation from Our Travel Consultants

After you reach us and tell us your favourite tour or requirements, your travel consultant will make a plan according your personal needs and interests, and then send you the quotation with the detailed itinerary.

3) Amend Your Tour to the Best

After receiving the quotation and suggested itinerary, if you have any problems or want to make some changes to your trips, feel free to let travel consultants and they will always be patient to offer you the most helpful suggestions.

4) Confirm Your Tour and Make the Payment

After all the details are clear and agreed by you, it’s time to confirm the booking. A deposit of 30% (Nepal tour) & INR20,000/ $ 500 of the total price of your package tour is required. The amount is subject to change, depending on your group size and itinerary length. Your travel consultant will discuss with you and adjust it accordingly. Upon receipt of the deposit we’ll secure your reservation and process you final booking immediately.

We highly recommend you that your reservation can be made 30-50 days before the actual traveling date. A letter of confirmation will be sent to you through e-mail as soon as your booking is confirmed informing you of the proposed flights, hotels and your trip details.

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